Strtegic Partnership

A Strategic Partnership is an individual or business looking to create enhanced value to its clientele through the recommendation of their telecommunications solutions. In other words agent has a direct relationship and is involved with the clientele during the sales process. Whether the solution entails voice, data, networking, or telephony equipment, Telecom Warehouse is here to support our agency force.

Telecom Warehouse is your back office support. We will assist in providing the carrier quotes/RFP’s, contract preparation, and implementation of each solution. Moreover, depending on the level of expertise of each partner and the product that is being sold, will also be there during the placement and procurement of the client to the carrier.

It makes no difference to us whether we have direct involvement with each client or simply act as in indirect channel to our partner agent. Each agent varies based on their level of expertise and knowledge of the product.

Referral Partnerships

A referral partnership is an individual or business that does not want to be involved in the sale of a particular but wants to earn commissions by providing the lead for such a business that is in need of various telecommunications solutions. This indirect relationship allows Telecom Warehouse to fill the gap between the client and our referral source where our agents step up take control. If and when a contract is secured with the lead that was given between the carrier and the lead, the referral agent earns commissions.

Referral Agents can earn commissions and never be involved with any of the responsibilities or roles. Telecom Warehouse assumes responsibility for the entire sale!


We are extremely grateful to have such loyal, committed clients. We can think of no greater honor than your personal recommendation to our firm.

Our commitment and promise is to deliver the same type of service to such referral as we did for you.

If a contract is secured with any product or service between our firm and the lead given the referring entity with receive a $50.00 Gas Card with our current GOT GAS Agent Promotion.

Thank you for sending business our way.

Who Partners with Telecom Warehouse

  1. IT Vendors and Consultants
  2. PBX Vendors
  3. Cabling and Wiring Vendors

Telecom Warehouse is seeking both Strategic Partners and Referral Partners to market the following products and services to businesses:

  1. Voice Services, Data Services and T1
  2. Mobile Services
  3. MPLS, Private Line, Collocation
  4. Business Phone Systems including Hosted PBX
  5. Cloud Based Services
  • Personal Information

  • Company Information