Who is an ideal client for a telecom agent?

There are a variety of different needs in the communications industry. Many of our of clients come from a pending event triggered within their business that can be itemized by the following categories

  1. Reducing Telecom Costs
  2. Downsizing of the Business
  3. Expansion with the Business
  4. Moving Office Locations
  5. Increasing Capacity
  6. New Phone System
  7. New Locations

Why use Telecom Warehouse vs. a direct sales rep from communications service providers?

First and foremost our recommendations are made on an unbiased consultative approach, NOT a quota. Our agents are committed to developing long-term relationship with our clients. We are not interested in “Selling” but “Partnering” with other business’s. Carriers have high turnover rates in the direct sales field. A direct rep is paid to hit a certain quota for a given month. If those reps are not close to hitting their quota they are fired. Therefore, often times direct sales rep push clients into making the wrong decision on their telecommunications. High pressure sales in not something our experience consultants are interested in. Our primary objective is to select the right fit based on your goals, needs, and objectives. Our compensation is residual in nature therefore we have an incentive to maintain your business over the long haul.

Are we resellers of communication services?

No,Telecom Warehouse is a group of experienced, professional telecom consults representing over 100 communications service providers directly as their sales and distribution channel similar to insurance agents that represent multiple insurance companies. We have access to all the same products and services as direct reps without the bias or quota. Your service, billing and customer support will be provided directly by the communications service provider you choose. We remain as your service advocate to assist with implementation and on-going support; acting as a liaison between you and your service provider. In essence we are your SINGLE POINT OF CONTACT

Who is the Best Carrier?

Not one carrier is superior over the other. Each carrier has a specific market niche with their products and services. Some carrier solutions are meant for the small business customers. This might include analog lines, DSL, and T1 services. Others carriers have solutions better fit for the medium to enterprise markets like MPLS, Collocation, and Fiber connections. Each carrier specializes in their own unique way of delivering voice, data, and networking services. There is not one carrier that is better than the other. Every client networking needs is different. Having an array of products and services helps us deliver the most appropriate solution to each and every client.

What is our Process?

Our Process

  1. Discovery Meeting ... Need analysis
  2. Recommendation of Services
  3. Implementation of Services (Mgmt of installation)
  4. Post Follow Up Review of Services
  5. Annual Reviews/Audits